Saturday, August 22, 2009

A New Book In Desiree Holt's Sentinels Series Just Released

Meet the Sentinels - eight shapeshifters, all that's left of a once powerful pack, who have formed a protection and investigation agency, serving both in wolf and human form, who continue to search for other shifters to re-establish a pack.

When Kelsey Bryant retreated to the Maine woods to take a long look at her life, she wasn't prepared for the dark stranger she met or for his hidden secret.

Feeling an emotional letdown after the marriage of two of her partners in The Sentinels, shapeshifter Kelsey Bryant borrowed the Maine cabin of one of her partners and retreated to isolation to take a good look at her life.

Boredom with her won company drove her into the tiny hamlet of Rock Creek and a meeting with Mack Renfield. Drawn by his dark aura, she falls into a night of erotic love with him that surpasses anything she's ever known. Both are hiding secrets that a sudden emergency threatens to expose.

What will happen then?

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